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Report on Testival #26 meetup

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This post is about why we moved from Software Testing Club to Testival meetup group. Main theme of meetup was browser automation.

First of all, I would like to thank Rosie Sherry that have let us to use Software Testing Club meetup group  for Zagreb meetups for six years.

Software Testing Club changed in a good way in this six years. Zeljko and I also did not know the real purpose of meetup, and that is building of local community. Testival meetup group will definitely change that, because now we have free meetup local visibility. As proof of concept, this time we had 20+ attendants, which was much more than usual.

Our host and sponsor was Repsly in HUB385 startup coworking place. Great venue. On meetup, we had two talks.

Kresimir Linke from Replsy had talk: Test Automation of Push notifications using Ranorex.


He also demonstrated one complex end to end scenario that involved several users, web browser and two mobile devices. All automated using Ranorex tool.

Second talk was from Ana Prpic: Introduction to WebDriver IO.


It is another Javascript implementation of selenium webdriver. Most importantly, Ana presented whole ecosystem of Javascripts tool that enables you to but webdriverIO test in continuos integration pipe.

Meetup was visited by NSoft software testers. They are from Mostar and we discussed with the how to start software tester community in their town.


My meetup takeaways:

  • cast device software for presenting mobile device screen
  • how to test email gui
  • html id attribute and security compliance
  • webdrivercss library for visual comparing
  • circleci can run selenium tests in headless mode

After that, Zeljko presented 5 minutes talk format, with his talk:

Why you should not attend testing conferences?

Another talk was about software testing pyramid and I talked about open session conferences (Testival as example.)


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Report on Zagreb STC #25 workshop: The Art of taking notes

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Last Tuesday we had our first workshop, The art of taking notes. Zeljko already wrote about his experience.

Our motivation was James Bach blog post, The New Testing conference. James presents idea what every conference track should include:

  • demonstrate idea in practice and take feedback from the audience
  • audience should exercise that idea
  • write or tell experience report

In this post I will write experience report about idea how to better take notes and how audience practiced that idea.

We started with usual introduction. We had 7 testers, two of them were first timers! I gave the introduction to workshop, based on this. Our context was taking notes while watching Elementary TV show. We used guidance given in previous link which was adopted on taking notes while listen to something.

We all came prepared with notebooks and pens in several colours (well almost, Irja forgot her glasses).

We all took notes by hand.

Every 5 minutes we made a pause in order to ask each other questions about our notes.

We should only note what was important and always note new information.

Use question, answer, evidence method. This is aligned with exploratory testing where you should test your heuristics about software.

Use shorthand, make notes visually appealing, always start on new page and always use wide margins, use symbols and diagram and color code your notes.

We mentioned here as examples xkcd comic, @testsidestory and twitter sketchnote hashtag.

At for last, after you are done, you should always review your notes.

What I noticed during the session. Elementary had three storylines: Sherlock/Watson relationship, get to know Watson, and the actual crime. We filtered out only crime information. But that information was overwhelming. As we made pauses, we discussed our notes and how they are significant for the case.

In the end we concluded that name of the episode was important note, because it helped us to direct our deduction towards the killer.

Here are our notes:

Callbacks on previous information.
Callbacks on previous information.


This notebook already has margins which is very useful!
This notebook already has margins which is very useful!


We all have different styles in taking notes, which makes us differ almost like our signatures.

We concluded that it would be better to take Ted lessons or talks as a practicing material, mostly because they are shorter that Elementary show and packed with less information.

After the workshop we continued with unofficial part over pizza and croatian craft beers thanks to our sponsor, Tentamen.



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Zagreb STC #25 – The art of taking notes

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It’s time for Zagreb STC #25 and this time we will have dedicated workshop about taking notes.

Where: Tentamen. d.o.o., Hruševečka 3, 10110 Zagreb, ground floor.

When: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016, from 18.00 – 22.00

We often hear that the most valuable craft of software tester is test automation. In order to prove them wrong, we will make a workshop on taking notes. We will watch 45 minutes of popular detective series and we will make our notes in order to find out who is the killer before show reveals it. We will stop on every 5 minutes for 2 minutes to reconcile our notes.

Material: please bring a notebook and pens in three different colours by your choice.

Reading material: How to take better notes.

After official part, we will continue our discussion over pizza and selection of craft beers.  Sponsor of workshop is Tentamen.



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Zagreb Software Testing Club #24 report

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Last Tuesday we met on Zagreb Software Testing club for the 24th time at Club MaMa. This is short report about this meetup.

First of all, I would like to acknowledge Irja Straus! We usually met every 2 months, but as Zeljko and I are very busy, we missed one meetup. So Irja was proactive and organized this meetup. Thanks Irja!

And this is important lesson for every meetup. In order to keep meetup going, you need to build local community and delegate work. As on every meetup we already have familiar faces, I think that Zagreb STC have bright future. And important thing is that we had some new faces!

We had two talks. I talked about how to use docker to run headless chrome selenium tests in docker image. This blog post talks about how I successfully configured docker for headless chrome testing, and this post talks about how docker drove me on journey through the rabbit hole.

Irja talked about book by Gojko Adzic: Fifty Quick Ideas to improve your tests. She red the book and presented how she used those ideas to improve her testing.

After the official part, we continued testing discussion in nearby pub. We thank Tentamen for sponsoring two rounds of drinks.

And bonus. If you are thinking about starting up software testing meetup, here are few advices.

Go to, join Software testing Group and ask me to add you as event organizer. This is great group with more that 1700 testers around the world. Name your event with your town name and that is. With that, you will make your event visible to all members of software testing club.

Find local venue. Your company premises are very good starting point.

Start with easy pace. Schedule meetup every 2 months.

Arrange some drinks and food (pizza). If you can not find sponsor, spent your money for the first meetup and let everybody know that you are the sponsor. Contact Rosie Sherry through meetup, because she recently announced that she can help with Software testing club event sponsorship.

Build local software testing community and do not give up!

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Busy week, report on WebCampZG 2015 and Zagreb STC #22

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WebcampZG 2015 sponsors and organizers


This week it was time to give something back to the community from which I have learned a lot. I volunteered for the role of room keeper at WebCampZG 2015 conference. Zeljko Filipin and I organized Zagreb Software Testing Club meetup #22!

WebCamp is community oriented conference. And Zagreb STC community joined this effort. And that was official, at the bottom of this picture there is logo. They even made stickers! Role of room keeper is to announce the speaker, run around the hole with microphone during the QA session, and the most important, to keep track of session time. I had printed sheets with numbers 10, 5 and 1 which I had to put in the air to notify the speaker how much time is left for his session.

Regarding the content, every session was filmed and I will post the update with the link. I was not present because of my room keeping obligations, but community decided that best talk was by Damir Svrtan: Stop wasting time NOT writing tests. Tests are automated tests in the context of writing code. I like that community scratched the surface of the problem that there is lack of professional software testing in software development.

Room keeper notebook.

On the left is my notebook with my notes about each session that I was keeping.

At Zagreb STC#22 held at Mama we had 13 attendants! Almost a record. I think that involving in Webcam ZG organization helped us to spread the word about our meetup.

The theme of this meetup was the tester role in software development process. Martina Bettini presented her’s experience as a tester in various software development projects. Challenges how to transition to Agile from traditional waterfall process. We talked about 40 agile methods, poker voting and multifunctionality.

During the break and afterwards over a beer in Koldig, I also noted following discussions:
performance testing of Rails application, unit testing of Ruby code, Docker, application from health domain, game application testing. In Mama bookshelf I noticed interesting book: The Tao of network security monitoring, beyond intrusion detection. And what testers do in pub over beer? They create real mindmaps!

Introduction and what I tested last week.

Iva is always ready to create some mind maps on real paper sheet!

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Zagreb STC #20 Meetup report

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Yesterday Zagreb STC had small anniversary, we gathered for 20th time! We started with our usual introductions, but this time in not usual way. Iva’s talk was about Mind Maps, so she suggested that we do our introductions by creating Mind Map. Result is on the left.

I am using mind maps, both for work and other daily activities, but Iva’s presentation though me new important facts about mind maps. Some of those are:

  • always use landscape orientation because this is how our eyes are layouted
  • mind map should fit on one page
Iva brought two friends that are not testers but use mind map in their work: raising a child and organize processes in company not related to IT! Very interesting experiences.
Tony Buzan is creator of mind map, so Google it if you want to know more. We concluded that mind maps are very useful to organize, memorize and learn various topics.
As an exercise, we created a mind map for testing event that we are planing to do this year.
In the end, we had two lightning talks. I talked about Toptal, sponsor of our event, and Zeljko presented juggling.
We continued our discussion in great new place, Potato House. For the first time I tried Borš and It was great. My freind Dejan, who works at Potato House, explained us how to prepare it. As in testing, time is important component of great Borš.

By giving this talk, Iva earned free ticket for WebCampZG 2015. This rule will be applied for all Zagreb STC speakers up to the event schedule.

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Zagreb STC #19 report, the power of

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Core moto of MaMa: free software

Yesterday we gathered for our regular Zagreb STC meetup, #19 at MaMa. This time we discovered the power of meetup platform. Apparently, is huge in Israel, so Shahar contacted us that he would like to atend it. He was one of the speakers at SEE Cloud computing forum 2015, and he checked on what is happening that evening in Zagreb.

We started with usual brief introductions. We found out interesting details about, Israeli startup recently bought by Google. Waze is a community driven navigation system. It is not huge in Croatia, but in Israel is a huge success.

As our context was Cloud, we got introduction in docker. Docker helps you to create and manage containers. For example, one container could be Postgres database, installed, configured and ready for use.

Current hot issue in Cloud computing is how to test configurations for those containers. For example, chef, another tool for managing containers, use recipes in ruby language that describe how to install and configure container image. Recipe is ruby script. How would you automatically check that script still works after container image changes (because of security and system patches)?

Another problem is how to test elasticity. This is important feature of modern cloud infrastructure, to automatically resize (in both directions, up and down) along with system load.

Shafar business is consulting clients how to optimally use Amazon cloud infrastructure. It have never occurred to me that this could be business. This was important aha moment for me at this meet up.

After the officially part, we continued our discussion over drinks and food in near by Medvedgrad pub.

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Report on Zagreb STC #17

Reading Time: 1 minute

Welcome to MaMa

 Last Friday, we had Zagreb STC #17, at MaMa, place that is always pleased to host meet ups from Zagreb area. Zeljko already wrote a few words about the meetup. I was happy to see that more that 10 people gathered.

We had three talks:

Zeljko explained Rubik’s Cube, that there are several algorithms how to solve it. He demonstrated his skill, he assembled it in just above 2 minutes time.

Zagreb STC library

Boris explained his dive in browser automatization using watir-webdriver. Great material for beginners, because he presented obstacles and how he resolved them. For example, Chrome developer tools interfered his ability to access DOM of page that he was testing.

Official announcement at MaMa’s door

I talked about AST new initiative, WHOSE. This will be a skills book with a sampling of skills grounded in context. I showed it on example of combinatorial explosion, explained by Pete Walen.

In the end, Zeljko presented ideas about ViaQa software testing conference. This year we did not organized it (we helped hosting CITCON Zagreb 2014). Audience reaction was positive, so we will have it in 2015.

Dear fellow testers, I wish you all the best in upcoming new year!

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Beer testing at Zagreb STC #16

Reading Time: 1 minute
Miroslav (left) and Zeljko,
craft beer evangelists caught in action. 

As we previously announced here, yesterday we had special Zagreb STC #16 meetup. With the help of our sponsor Toptal, we had an opportunity to test different flavors of beers available at Sheridan’s Irish Pub, and first production of American Ale created by first Croatian Craft brewery Nova Runda.

Testing session was led by professionals, Miroslav Šuvak, cofounder of Nova Runda, and Zeljko Filipin, software tester who can produce his own beer and is a brother of second cofounder, Marko Filipin.

We had two new comers who found this event on Meetup platform. They business is nuclear physics, volunteering, refactoring of 20 000 lines of Java code, beer and startup Enfojer. We also joined with Zagreb Javascript meetup group.

We learned:

  • what is Craft brewery,
  • beer creation process,
  • that beer is side effect of yeast digestion of malt,
  • how to regulate beer bitterness,
  • that Europe lager is most famous beer type in Europe,
  • hop is actually beer spice,
  • if you want to learn more than read book “Craft Beer World
  • and the most important, Nova Runda produced excellent Ale!

Final stage was beer tasting. We tested almost 10 different beers, in small cups. Great learning experience.

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Announcement for Zagreb STC #16 meetup

Reading Time: 1 minute

We are announcing our #16 meet up that will be held on next Wednesday, July 2nd, at 18.00 in Sheridan’s Irish Pub, Savska 36. Sponsor of this event is Toptal.
As we meet in Irish pub, first part of our meet up will be about beer testing. You will have a chance to learn how to properly test the beer, because this activity will be demonstrated by professionals, founders of first Croatian Craft Brewery, NovaRunda.
Second part will be about software testing. We will test your

software testing knowledge in first Zagreb STC quiz!
Please confirm you attendance at Meetup platform.

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