Zagreb Software Testing Club #24 report

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Last Tuesday we met on Zagreb Software Testing club for the 24th time at Club MaMa. This is short report about this meetup.

First of all, I would like to acknowledge Irja Straus! We usually met every 2 months, but as Zeljko and I are very busy, we missed one meetup. So Irja was proactive and organized this meetup. Thanks Irja!

And this is important lesson for every meetup. In order to keep meetup going, you need to build local community and delegate work. As on every meetup we already have familiar faces, I think that Zagreb STC have bright future. And important thing is that we had some new faces!

We had two talks. I talked about how to use docker to run headless chrome selenium tests in docker image. This blog post talks about how I successfully configured docker for headless chrome testing, and this post talks about how docker drove me on journey through the rabbit hole.

Irja talked about book by Gojko Adzic: Fifty Quick Ideas to improve your tests. She red the book and presented how she used those ideas to improve her testing.

After the official part, we continued testing discussion in nearby pub. We thank Tentamen for sponsoring two rounds of drinks.

And bonus. If you are thinking about starting up software testing meetup, here are few advices.

Go to meetup.com, join Software testing Group and ask me to add you as event organizer. This is great group with more that 1700 testers around the world. Name your event with your town name and that is. With that, you will make your event visible to all members of software testing club.

Find local venue. Your company premises are very good starting point.

Start with easy pace. Schedule meetup every 2 months.

Arrange some drinks and food (pizza). If you can not find sponsor, spent your money for the first meetup and let everybody know that you are the sponsor. Contact Rosie Sherry through meetup, because she recently announced that she can help with Software testing club event sponsorship.

Build local software testing community and do not give up!

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Karlo Smid

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