What I learned at Testival #38 meetup

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Testival is meetup that gathers software testers from Zagreb area. Meetup #38 was hosted and sponsored by Degordian. This post is my learning experience on meetup.

Every speaker (not including lighting talks) is entitled on Testival T-Shirt, Web Camp ticket and Moleskine notebook. After Zeljko gave meetup introduction, we started with usual 1 minute introductions. Every participant should introduce to the audience. We found that this is great ice breaker for first timers. I counted 22 participants, and as Testival has 267 members, this is 8% participation ratio.

Tomislav Fabeta from Degordian talked about Jenkins Pipelines.

Pipelines is Jenkins plugin that enables you to pipe Jenkins jobs and other artifacts. You write Groovy (Interpreted Java, no compilation) language script in JenkinsFile that could be version controlled. Pipe means that you can program Jenkins jobs, you can fork, join, loop and run in parallel various pipelines. Blue Ocean Plugin visualizes JenkinsFile with pipelines.

I used pipelines to chain execution of test jobs into various test suites.

After pizza break sponsored by Degordian, we continued with lighting talks.

⚡#1 Vilim Stubičan: JavaScript tips and tricks.

Vilim showed us unexpected JavaScript calculations. For example:

[] == []


1 + '1'


IEEE floating point implementation (you can learn more about that at BBST Foundations course):

0.1 + 0.2


Takeaway. Always test your assumptions (heuristics) about programming language. Heuristics are fallible assumptions.

⚡#2 Vanja Žunić: QA Fortress.

Vanja created mind map with all testing tools that he could use on project that he is assigned as a tester. From server monitoring to note taking, mind map is very impressive. Child nodes remind him how he should use this tools, e. g. which reports he creates for the rest of the team.

⚡#3 Marko Kruljac: Testing Blockchain web applications

Marko presented several epic fails in web blockchain wallets. Those issues are reward for the tester itself, because testers gets someone else blockchain tokens.

In my reading list is Blockchain book. I have to admit that I do not fully understand blockchain technology. There is big shortage of blockchain software testers.

This is where I left to stand up open mic at Plocnik basement to try my new material. A few software testers joined me and they gave me honest opinion about my material. Stand up helped me a lot in public speaking. For example I did not give up even material received very mild audience reception. Next week is Vintage Open mic night, I will try same material, reworked according to my observations. New stand up material is just like heuristics, it is fallible try to make audience laughs.



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