How to read email in plain text in gmail

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This post is about how to open email in plain text mode in Gmail.

When I test emails, my client uses two templates, html and txt one. Txt template is for email clients that can not show email in html mode. So I need to check email txt template, which is usually forgotten to check.

My simple strategy was to open received email in Gmail in plain txt mode. Gmail has a lot of features, including Lab (experimental one) tab, and I was surprised that Gmail removed feature

Message text garbled?

Google search landed me to Google product forum with answer:

  1. From email More menu, select show original
  2. Email will be opened in new tab
  3. In email url, replace
view=om with view=dom

Now you will see plain txt version of your email.

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Karlo Smid


    • Hi!

      In “new” gmail, this hack does not work.
      So you need to roll back to previous version of gmail:

      1. Click on settings icon (right from keyboard icon)
      2. Select first option from top: go back to classic gmail gmail

  1. Hi Amit, I just tried with email received from slack, and it works in old gmail version.

    Are you sure that your email has txt version?
    What error do you get?

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