Zagreb walking tour of three parks

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Every professional needs defocus and relaxation time. I am presenting you my favorite Zagreb walking tour.

We will start from Britanski Trg.

Start via Rokova street

Start via Rokova street

Head to Rokova street. After climbing for ten minutes, you will arrive at park Rokov perivoj.


Take some time a listen to the birds singing.

Already got some new testing, blog post or conference talk? Lets continue to Ivan Goran Kovacic street.


Welcome to Nazor’s park:

Continue via Tuskanac street. Listen to the birds song and enjoy. You will pass by upholsterer shop:



Refreshment time, store is open till 9 pm:

You are half way through. This is meadow Cmrok. Very popular sledding place during the winter.



Continue to Dubravkin put. Take this Cmrok path:

Dubravkin put starts at the Cmrok board:

Forty more minutes via Dubravkin put to the Zagreb center:

Tester mode on. What is this construction, over the creek next to Dubravkin put?

My heuristic. It prevents flooding. It is a small dam with a whole. Every dam has a whole, but with doors that open/close damn. Here we have only hole, and when we have a lot of water, water would collect in front of damn, because hole does not have enough capacity for all the water. With a number of those small dams, creek is used as water capacitor in order to prevent flood.

What is your heuristic?

After forty minutes of easy pace, you will arrive at Frankopanska and Ilica crossing.


Total walking distance is 7 km. I am walking to starting and from ending points, so my total distance is 13 km.

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