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The most important skill for every software tester is skill to advocate found bugs. This post gives you one example of bug advocacy.

Context is iOS Clock application. As I started using Health application, I found out that it is possible to monitor my sleep data. One of the source of sleeping data is iOS device through Clock Bedtime feature.

Bedtime collects your sleep data. You set up your desired slipping time duration, and wake up time. You will get notification when you should go to bed. iPhone monitors your sleep activity using light and moving sensors. Heuristic is that when bedroom lights are off, and there is no movement, you are sleeping. This could be easily tricked, but point is that you align with those sleep tracking requirements, because you want to track your sleeping time as accurate as possible.

I am also using Clock Alarm feature. I found that bedtime application has excellent sound for wake alarm. It is called early riser, and I absolutely adore this sound. I immediately switched to my Alarm to set this sound but there is no Early Riser sound in Alarm application!

For me, this is an issue. But is it really an issue for Clock application? Lets use bug advocacy.

FEW HICCUPPS [Bach, Bolton] is mnemonic that represents several consistency oracle heuristics.

Oracle helps us to define is found behavior really an issue.

Heuristic is fallible method which helps us to determine is behavior an issue.

Consistency gives us something that we can compare found behavior.

I will use first P from mnemonic, which stands for Product.

We expect each element of the system (or product) to be consistent with comparable elements in the same system.

We can compare Clock Bedtime wake sound with Clock Alarm sound. And those are different, because Early Riser is not present in both features.

So we have bug credibility through bug advocacy and FEW HICCUPPS consistency heuristics mnemonic.

And what is most important, you can explain why you think that Clock application has an issue.

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