What I learned on Testival #37 meetup

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My learning experience on Testival #37 meetup hosted by Degordian.

We gathered again on regular monthly meetup at Degordian office. Degordian also provided food and drinks!

The Gordian Knot is a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem (disentangling an “impossible” knot) solved easily by finding a loophole or thinking creatively (“cutting the Gordian knot”) [Wikipedia].

So if you need independent digital production & marketing agency that will degord your problems, feel free to contact them.

Some useful metrics. Our meetup attendee ratio was 22/31. 70% is excellent number!

As Zeljko was absent, Marko did introduction. He announced Ana, and she noticed that he forgot to announce usual introduction talk. Why he forgot? It was not in introduction notes. People are error machines, so we are using tools (notebooks) to overcome this flaw (is it really a flaw?).

Presentations could be found on Testival github.

#1 Ana Prpic, Oradian. Mobile Testing with Appium & Docker.pdf

Ana got assignment to explore Docker and Appium technology. She did excellent introduction into the subject, with all relevant resources. She only covered Android, because it is based on Linux.

During food break, I had interesting conversation about testing problem: how to simulate gps and accelerometer data on mobile phone. Fellow testers did extensive research using Google, but they could not find the solution. If you have one, please let me know!

#2 Vilim Stubicar, Degordian. Testing (by) documentation.pptx

Context was api documentation. I have never worked on a project that resolved this problem, so people at Degordian are very lucky to have Vilim! If you have similar problem, you should point your browser to https://apiblueprint.org/


documentation drawbacks:

  • should have from project beginning
  • new language to learn
  • new standard to learn
  • maintenance
  • change logs

documentation benefits:

  • one source of truth (writer, qa, developers)
  • guides
  • versioniong
  • parallel work

Vilim tool of choice was apiari and dredd. With apiari you have api mock server, which means when documentation is agreed, fronted and mobile team can start working using api mock apiari servers. Dredd helps you to write api documentation tests. Those are test that verify api data types, structures, mandatory elements. They are not replacement for other api testing methodologies (e.g. scenario testing).

Lighting talks.

As I was at the restroom, I missed  Vilim’s lighting talk name.

I presented mind map that I created for fellow tester Mirjana Kolarov and that represented my feedback on her abstract for Agile Testing Days conference. I started presentation without Internet connection. Without Internet, Gmail and Google docs icons in Chrome look very strange. Yes, people are error machines 🙂

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