What I learned at Testival #32 meetup

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This post is about my  Testival #32 meetup learning experience.

Sponsor of this meetup was Degordian, digital agency  where there is no cure for their curiosity 🙂

They recently moved to new location, and this was my first experience of “Apple” style working place. And it was great experience. When looking such premises only through photos, it may give impression of show off.  But every detail in this place is made with reason. The reason is to stimulate your brain for new ideas and new learning experience! Great job!


We started with usual introduction of 14 attendants. One newcomer felt like she does not belong there, because of her educational background. But this was good thing, because we had at the meetup several people with diverse educational background. Software testing is not confirming that stream of binary code works/does not work.

Testing is a “meta” activity. It’s not just a task, but a task that generates new tasks (by finding bugs that should be fixed or finding new risks that must be examined). It’s a task that can never be “completed” yet must get “done.” [James Bach]
Testing is an investigation based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. [Cem Kaner]

Marko Kruljac from Degordian presented “Integrating Jenkins with your GitHub Pull Request Workflow”.

Marko talks about Jenkins/github workflow.


As I have done similar for several clients, I was curious how they cope with that, because Jenkins offers several options through its great Plugin community.

I learned that for github the best option is Github pull request builder. It also made me think how important is to select Jenkins plugin name in order to present what is actually do.

After pizza and beer break, we had three lighting talks.

Zeljko Filipin from Wikimedia presented unicode zero-width non-joiner character. In Ruby interactive console he merged two “emoji” with that character in order to make new one (e.g. man + pan = cook).

Next day I found that with that character you can make very scary things, like publish your own What’s App application in Google play. Read more about that in Gojko Adzic excellent blog post.

Second lighting talk was from Vilim Stubičan from Degordian talked about his learning process (while he was solving Rubik cube with one hand 🙂 ).

I presented the most important software tester tool, a notebook. Read again James and Cem definitions of software testing to know the reason for that fact.


During the testing session in preview mode of this post, I found important issue with one photo because it contained Degordian wifi password. Which automation would caught that issue?

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Karlo Smid

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  1. The visibility of the password (really?!) reminds me of a training course I once went on where the tutor, who was Dutch, set us an exercise and then proceeded to retrieve her e-mails with her laptop still connected to the projector, in the mistaken belief that no-one in the audience of Brits could read Dutch….

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