Be careful with software updates: example for osx text to speech feature

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This blog post is about how OSX update affected text to speech feature that I use as  proof reading aid for my blog posts. I will propose a testing charter based on this experience.

As I am not english native speaker, in order to avoid basic grammar errors in blog posts, I always reply blog post using OSX text to speech feature. This proved to be very useful.

In wordpress editor, (html page) I selected blog post (using keyboard) in paragraph chunks, then I clicked right mouse (using touchpad two finger gesture) and selected speech => Start speaking.

No speech.

In order to decide “Do we have a problem here?”, I used oracle comparable product (FEW HICCUPS by M. Bolton), OSX Notes.

Using same steps as in WordPress, there was speech.

Idea, WordPress editor is html/javascript editor, so ttx can not read html?

Idea, what recently changed with my laptop?

Yesterday I upgraded OSX to Sierra version.

Lets check if state of ttx OSX feature (in the end, this is just another program) is affected with upgrade – BBST Test design (by Kaner and Fiedler).

System Preferences => Accessibility => Speech

Oh there is unselected option, “Speak selected text when the key is pressed”. I enabled Command + Z combination.

Go to wordpress editor, select blog post paragraph, hit command + Z, it works!

Try option with context menu described previously, it worked!

We are taking for granted that complex upgrades, such is OSX upgrade, should work out of the box. In this example, ttx speech was not broken, but was set to initial state because of new configuration option.

I described oracle heuristic comparable product (one C from FEW HICCUPS), and initial values  quick test idea.

You can learn about them in BBST Foundations and Test Design courses.

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