How to send shift and special characters in Selenium Webdriver with Ruby

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In order to automate one browser scenario, I needed to send ampersand character. It seems that this is not an easy action in selenium webdriver. So, instead testing the web application, I spent some time in order to find out a hack how to send ampersand key to browser in programmatic way.

My first reaction was: Is this for real, selenium-driver ate ampersand character!? Google as helpful, I found following blog post how to resolve this issue. Solution is in Python, so I rewrote it in Ruby.


Instead of trying to find the solution how to automatically send ampersand in ruby to browser, instead I could do that “manually” and continue the real testing activity. So, my dear testers, when you hear developers claiming that they test their application, prove them wrong. They just try to find solutions how to use automation framework, and that has nothing with sapient activity, software testing!

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Karlo Smid

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