How to measure upload speed of web application upload form

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In this post I will explain how we measure speed of upload feature in web application using curl tool.

One of web application feature is to upload a set of files (size in several 100 MB) to web application.

Testing from our office location through various paths (vpn, no vpn, office network, public network) but all using local country Internet connection showed satisfied upload speed.

But client on other continent has poor upload speeds. Developer asked me how to measure upload speed form his browser to web application. Here is how.

First, you need to copy upload post request of your web application using Chrome developer tools, in Network tab find that request and copy it as curl request.

Paste that curl request in your favorite shell (Windows OS developers usually  use git bash) and at the end of cur command add this:

-o output.txt

That’s it. You will get something like this (click for larger picture):






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Karlo Smid

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