Fortress, Tax Model Testing And Quality Enforcement At Testival Meet Up #42

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This Thursday we met at Repsly, that sponsored the meet up with location, food and drinks. Here is what I learned.

First Testival meet up was held in 2011, then we used different name, and it was driven by Željko and my enthusiasm. I am glad that Testival is now recognized as an software testers event. We have a queue of sponsors (Replsy will sponsor next two meetups, and then we switch back to Bornfight/Degordian). There are six people in Testival team, which means that Željko and I are ready for retirement 🙂

Željko gave usual introduction, most important is that Testival 2019 unconference will be held in my hometown, Zabok.

Talk #1 Vanja Žunić, Bornfight, Evolved QA Fortress

Vanja informed us about the progress of his github project QA Fortress. Idea of Quality Assurance Fortress is to set (potentially) automated, open-source type structure of testing tools covered with up to date documentation. There is up to date mind map with testing tools organized in categories. Idea is that every tool in mind map has accompanied reame.md file. As this is a lot of work, feel free to join the project. I learned about TestNote, an exploratory testing tool, and TimeOut, tool that helps you to organize your time.


Talk #2 Vienne Chan, Testing Thinking

Vienne is from Germany, and I always like when power of meetup.com platform becomes visible. Vienna found out about Testival using meetup search feature!

She introduced an model based on system thinking. Model is about how to legally pay as least as possible tax money :). I see a problem with that model, because if it really works, Government will adapt tax law in order to close those loop holes.


Talk #3 Mladen Maravić (Repsly): Quality enforcement (QE), a QAs evil twin

Mladen presented Quality Enforcement model of remote company that he worked for last year. Quality Enforcement is all about code quality, pull requests, code reviews by QE member, which all sounds great. But where is actual software testing? Code review is only a small part of software testing. Here is Heuristic Test Strategy Model, by James Bach. Observe Test Techniques mind map node. What is scary is that they developed internal metrics based on code reviews rejection/acceptance criteria and those metrics are input for developer personal performance metrics.

⚡️ #1 Bitrise

I forgot to write down the name of author of this lighting talk :(, he is developer in Replsy and works on iOS applications. He automated iOS app build and delivery process. The core is Bitrise service, and now testers can build iOS apps based on Github branch, 100% automatically 🙂

⚡️ #2 Augumneted Traffic Control

Also mobile app developer from Repsly, I forgot to write down his name :(. He presented github project that enables you to simulate various MOBILE network conditions. For example, how Repsly mobile app behaves in 2G conditions.

⚡️ #3

I talked about how I learned that Html form can only make POST requests, and this is by standard.

⚡️ #4

Željko presented Testival speakers metrics in Google spreadsheet.

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