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Product moving parts as source for test strategy

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In this post I will explain how I identify product moving parts (what changed in product) as a source for test strategy of product release.

Tools that I am using are Github and Huboard. Everybody knows github, and huboard is application that integrates with Github and creates Kanab board automatically from Github issues. The glue between Kanab and Github are Github labels. Github label assigned to the issue puts that issue in Huboard list.

What are tools if they are not used by humans. Every issue could be an issue or new feature. Their body should contain text that help me to understand what should be implemented. No help of tools if that body is poorly written.

Every huboard issue is connected with Github pull request. Pull request contains all files that are related with that issue. By investigating github pull request, I am identifying product moving parts.

As the application context is Rails application, pull request contains application and data (database migration files) changes. As rails uses MVC pattern, this helps a lot how to direct my testing. For example, if change is in view, controller or model file, I know which feature and scenarios I should test.

If change is in helper file, by searching the codebase for the changed method, I can also identify features that should be tested.

Rails has rake tasks, which are also under github control. If there is change in rake tasks, I know that some scripts should be run in order to prepare environment for the new feature (for example, populate database with static data).

What are the benefits of this ability to identify product moving parts? I do not need to run single browser automation test!

All the testing is done using my brain, eyes, hands and browser.

Browser automation tests are usually developed as part of regression tests. We often hear: “We are running our cucumber tests to be sure that nothing is broken”.

This is not good practice. This is like putting patient again and again through x rays to be sure that he does not have pneumonia. But asking patient questions about his physical conditions can give as quick answer about possible pneumonia.

Instead of putting hours of work in creating scripts for browser automation, try to organize your project  to have:

  • code base under git
  • use kanab boards
  • use branches
  • learn basics how product code is organized (MVC in Rails)
  • learn basic about programming language that is used (Ruby in Rails)


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How BBST Test Design course helped me with Netflix setup

Reading Time: 2 minutes


In this post I will explain how I applied knowledge gained in BBST Test Design course in order to quickly resolve Netflix issue on my Sony BDP-S4500 Blu-ray player.


Last year, for my birthday, I treated myself with Sony BDP-S4500 Blu-ray player. After unboxing it, I was very excited because I realized that this gadget is much more than a Blu-ray player. Notice white button with red letters: NETFLIX.

I connected player to my TV and router for cable Internet, configured it, and I pressed netflix button from pure tester curiosity. After 20 seconds, I got expected message: “Feature not available” because at that time Netflix was not available in Croatia.

On January 6th 2016., six months later, CES 2016 started in Las Vegas. Netflix announced that expands its service to 190 countries. Luckily for me, Croatia is one of those countries!

I have read several posts from Ben Simo about Netflix issues that he encountered. And I envy him a lot on those issues.

I used my Mac in order to signup for Netflix service. I choose plan for 10 euros. One of the features of that plan is ability to use Netflix on two devices. I encountered no issues with signup process.

I switched to player and hit Netflix button again. Feature was again not available. Ok, now we have a problem here. But with Netflix or player device?

BBST Test design kicks in (BBST Test design slides, page 174, Initial states)! Feature not available was returned without asking me for any information. My heuristic was that player was “stucked” in state where Netflix availability check was done. And did not initiate new check.

How to reinitiate new Netflix check?

First, I updated player software to latest version. No change. Should I reset player settings? But I would like just to reset customer information data, particularly data that states that Netflix is not available for player public IP address. How to do that? I should consult player claims (documentation). Fastest way to do that is Google.

After googling for 5 minutes, I found the solution on this link, posted by user BrianP.


Do Initialize Personal Information.
1. On the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
2. Go to Setup.
3. Under Setup, select Resetting.
4. Under Resetting, select Initialize Personal Information.


Sony hid Initialize Personal Information, as submenu of Reseting menu. Which is probable inconsistency with user expectations. As a user, I was afraid to select Reseting in order not to start factory reset of player device.


Action 5. was click again on Netflix button, and I was in! Sign in, remember me, and Daredevil and 12 Monkeys season 1. episode 1. were ready on my eight year old Panasonic Viera series plasma TV.


I have watched three shows so far, without any issues. Maybe is a good thing not be early adopter of such a cool service.



Take BBST test design course, but do not forget to practice it not only in your daily job, but also in daily life! And write a blog post about it.

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