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This post contains my tester notes about art exhibition. Exhibition contains masterpieces from the collection of the Maeght Foundation.

I am writing this post using latest Firefox because it has been already patched for Meltdown and Spectre security issue. I found that Firefox does not have useful feature “copy without formatting”.

My strategy was to take a note (no photos were allowed) of every piece and artist name that was presented at exhibit. At the end of exhibition tour I found out that this was big time wastage (at this point I am back to Chrome, because I miss extensions that I have taken for granted so far 🙂 ), because on the way out I noticed at the cash register detailed documentation about the exhibit itself. Of course, there is accompanied cost of 18$.

It is in croatian and english, and in 100 pages it contains:

  1. Intro from exhibition organizer.
  2. Information about foundation Maeght
  3. One more exhibition summary
  4. Authors biography and exhibited work
  5. Catalog of exhibited work.

How can I apply this to software testing? I should always check/ask for product “catalog” so I will not create “duplicated” documentation. I can focus on what is important and that is my own observation and possible deviation from the product catalog.

Here are my notes:

  • exhibition has paintings and sculptures
  • there were several, very noisy, dehumidifiers. Some paintings were more than 100 years old, so humidity is their enemy.
  • I noticed that every artist have “signature”
  • I learned to use ios copy/paste feature. I first googled artist name, and then I copy/pasted it to notes
  • There was only one guard, I call them “Candy Crush Masters, because he was playing with smartphone 99% of time.

It took me about 2 hours to see the exhibition. I did quick second tour, and my goal was to recognize artist signature.

I was most impressed with Pol Bury “signature”:


Every exhibition needs a famous decoy, and that was Chagall:


Maeght Foundation site looks very impressive, it is on my todo/visit tour:

My impression was that security of site was very light. One guard and surveillance cameras. Not sure about alarms around paintings. I could be on street in the car with Chagall under my arm in less than 30 sec. Not that I encourage anybody, but movie Sneakers is always on my mind in such situations.

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Karlo Smid

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