Processes Against Humans, A Bank Example

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This post explains a series of unfortunate events, triggered by my current and future bank (Splitska and OTP) business processes, that resulted that I can not withdraw my money or pay with my card at Point of Sales Terminals for next month.


Several months ago I tried to withdraw money at the ATM that belongs to bank that issued a card. I got following message:

You can only pay down money with your card.

I went to ATM of another bank and I successfully withdraw money.

Important note: Around that time, my bank was bought by another bank and merging process started.

After some time, I could not withdraw money from any ATM. Time to call service number at the back of my card. Support informed me that for failed transaction they got message:

Problem with card chip.

I did not get this message at the ATM screen, just info that transaction could not be done. So machine (support team application) got message that explains the problem, and card customer got cryptic message.

So I went to my bank to get a new card. They offered me two options, to cancel current card immediately and issue new one with same card number, or to get a card with new number. I opted for second option, because new card had contactless payment option. After one week, I had two active cards.

Two months ago, I got a letter from my bank that card number xxx (THE NEW ONE), will be canceled, because NEW bank does not allow two active cards per customer.

There was a deadline date, and I went to bank to protest why NEW card needs to be canceled. They explained to me that this is NEW BANK business rule. At that time I did a mistake at I did not canceled old card because they offered me that option.

Deadline passed, and my new card was automatically canceled. Went again to my bank and got following explanation:

I need to get new card, because there is no undo for canceled cards.
But as there is final merge phase, new cards (from NEW BANK), will be issued from December 1st.

So I am waiting December 1st, with a pile of cash in my pockets 🙂


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