Paper and pen testing exercise

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Imagine that you have never seen pen and paper in your life. Describe your experiments in order to figure out what you can do with them.

I have been reading Douglas Adams Restaurant at the end of the Universe. In the book, master of the Universe is sitting in his simple chair in his hut and tries to figure out what he can do with pen and paper. In left hand he held pen, in right paper.

Douglas wrote following experiments:

  • put pen above paper
  • put pen below paper
  • put pen next to paper
  • wrap paper around pen
  • rub blunt pen side against paper
  • rub sharp pen side against paper

Last experiment has observable result. Pen leaves mark on paper.

I would add following experiments:

  • examine pen

Observable result, pen has blunt and sharp part.

  • put pen through paper

Pen is supported by paper and can stand on the desk on its own

  • bend paper and put pen through both sides

Physicist use this to explain space wormholes.

Can you add your experiment that includes pen and paper interaction?

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Karlo Smid

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