How to tie your shoes?

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In this blog post I would like to share my excitement how I improved my shoes tying craft and what does this skill have in common with software testing.

Some time ago I bought my new adidas special shoes, and I was very happy. But not for very long time. Shoelaces kept untying on and on. I was very unhappy with that fact. What is going on!?

I Googled: “My shoelaces keep untying” and I found following TED video.

I was taught how to tie shoelaces the easiest way, which was not the right way for shoes with nylon laces.

I was impressed with shoelaces physics, how simple change in one step can significantly change the outcome.


This blog post is a working example how we should always question our software testing skill. If we have been doing software testing in same way as we were taught at the beginning, maybe is time to question our software testing skill.


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Karlo Smid

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