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Example of support for local community

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On Wednesday I had opportunity to mingle with students of MIOC high school that made significant success at this year ACSL competition.

MIOC is best croatian high school and ACSL is annual competition in computer programming. If you like problems from Google Code jam or project Euler, that you know the context.

My company Tentamen gave small contribution as part of Cisex donation, so MIOC could send three teams to the competition. Cisex organized mingle session with those smart students, and I think that this was first session that involved interesting questions and did not involve any politician 🙂



My goal was to let them know that beside computer programming, there is also software testing.

Host of the mingle session was HUB 385, new innovation center that is almost in my neighborhood. It really proved that is innovation center, because I got opportunity to see 3D printer in action.

I found out following facts:

  • teamwork is important
  • MIOC is best because of teachers that love their job and put extra, not paid effort
  • there is no many girls in teams, but MIOC has over 50% of female students
  • most student start programming in primary school as self education effort
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