A tester tribute to Ruby ecosystem

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 Four years ago, I saw my first lines of Ruby, written by Zeljko Filipin in interactive ruby shell:

require 'watir-webdriver'
b = Watir::Browser.new
b.goto 'bit.ly/watir-webdriver-demo'

What? Tester is under control of Firefox browser!?
Software testing is hard and challenging job. Ruby ecosystem is one thing that help testers in their daily job. In this post I will provide one proof of that fact. I will compare code for checking email written in Java and Ruby.

Tribute to java.com
Tribute to ruby-lang.org

Here is example of Java code (tribute to Vishvas Kumar), and here is my gist written in Ruby

. Open those links in two tabs and compare them.

What do you think, which code is more maintainable?

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Something is fishy with this user scenario

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In this post, I will try to provide answer what services software tester could offer. I see a lot of job ads that seek for software tester that can code. Noting wrong with that fact, but the trap is that you will most likely hire developer that is very good at using some of the testing frameworks (jUnit, watir-webdriver,…), popularly called software developer in test. You will not get tester. Tester that will question your team about the product to the bone and give you real information about it. And you will not probably like what you would hear.

Image credit: www.precisionfitnesshk.com

Here is one example. Provider that hosts DNS entry for my company domain is using cPanel software. Nothing unusual with that fact. After I paid for their service, I received email with my username, generated password, and link for logging into cPanel portal. I logged in and immediately reset my password. I was surprised that I received again new password in my inbox. I checked the cPanel notification settings and turned off default email password change notification setting. This is not satisfactory, because I still want to be notified when my password had been changed (e.g. by hacker using CSRF attack) with email that does not contain new password.

Software developer in test would automate that scenario using web automation framework, it would also develop helper method for accessing inbox using SMTP protocol. He would even think that he achieved 100% automation. He would make scenario independent of test data and repeatable execution. But he would miss some important alternative scenarios and would not question application behavior.

Software tester would run that scenario using his eyes, brain and fingers (more appropriate description than manual test execution). He would point out to project manager that welcome email does not contain suggestion that password should be changed immediately after first login, that email contains plain password and that new password was again sent out in email.
He would start its own investigation about email notification settings and notify project manager that password change notification setting should be turned off by default. Software tester would try that scenario in comparable product that is major player in that market and clearly communicate its findings (he would probably find out that other products use link with one time token for password change).

We have several options: to hire software developer in test, to hire software tester or to hire them both. My suggestion is to hire software tester and create internally software developer in test. Great software developer would love to learn new frameworks. He and new software tester would become a great software team!

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Examples of wrong Croatian metrics

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Taken from iruler.net

This week was CAST2014. I managed to attend CASTLive session: “Looking to social science for help with metrics” by Justin Rohrman that was aired over USTREAM.

Metrics are all around us. From Google PageRank to how tall we are (very important metric for me in high school because I am very fond of basketball). But I mostly see wrong metrics around me.

Croatian economy have been six straight years in recession. Metric to get out of recession is that  GDP % growth must be >0 for three consecutive months. So Croatian government tries to apply wrong metrics in order to prove that we are on our way out of recession.

Croatian tourism creates 17% of national GDP. Spanish only 6.4%! Good news? Not so good news because rest of the Croatian economy is not doing so well and that fact raises Croatian tourism share in overall GDP.

% growth of Croatian export in grater that % growth of import. Good news? No, because important metric is coverage of import with export. And that number declines despite of the first metric.

There was metric in newspapers that Croatian taxes for entrepreneurs are the lowest one in the EU. But important metric is % of tax share in national GDB, which puts us at the top of the scale.

University of Zagreb is no more among the top 500. One of the important metric is “how big” is University web space. In order to tweak this metric, University of Zagreb put all its domains under one root domain, unizg.hr. Did not help. Maybe would help to increase the number of web pages (which would probably cause lower quality of page content)?

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Report a bug well: add iPhone number feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In previous post I described how to Externalize a bug on add iPhone number issue. We are almost

Mantis bug report fields. source: http://wiki.scribus.net/

finished with our RIMGEA bug analysis. What is left is to create bug report itself.

AST Bug Advocacy course teaches us that we must write bug report well, clear and dispassionate. We must:

  • make the report easy to understand
  • keep our tone neutral and non antagonistic because angry and blaming reports discredit  the reporter

For this bug report, (here is issue description) we will use following fields:

  • summary – summary must be short and precise, it must interest the bug report reader for this bug report as soon as possible. First two words of summary must create explosion in reader attention for this bug report.
Summary: Missing send message icon

  • report type: Type of this report, e.g. coding error, design issue, documentation mismatch, suggestion, query.
Report type: regression functional issue
  • steps. Steps produced after we filter steps from replicate phase using Isolate tactic.

Given that I am in All Contacts

When I touch blue + in upper right corner
And I touch add phone option
And I enter my mobile phone number: +385 92 1762 984
And I touch Done in upper right corner

Then number label is home by default
And there is no message icon
  • bug reproducibility: yes/no
Can you reproduce the bug: yes, in iOS 7.1.2 and in iOS 7.0.3 simulator
  • severity: assigned by tester, with values: small, medium or large
Severity: medium
  • priority: assigned by project manager.
Priority: left blank
  • component: the visible item under test
Component: iPhone add contact
  • release number: software release version
Release number: iOS 7.1.2
  • Version (build) identifier
Version (build) number: 11D257
  • Configuration: h/w and s/w configs under which the bug was found and replicated. Configs related to function that manifests the issue.

Configuration: iPhone 4s with two keyboards, English (default) and Croatian. Language is English. Messages settings: iMessages: on, Send as SMS: on, Send And Receive: my mobile number, use my Apple ID for iMessages.

That is it. I tried to file the bug report to Apple bug reporter, but I constantly receive following error message.

Click on email message is not helpful, because I do not have configured email client on my laptop. Here is bugreportsupport@apple.com href content:

Testers feedback

I presented Externalize part of RIMGEA at Zagreb Software Testing Club meetup #15 First impression was that tester would need to spend a lot of time just for one bug report.
I explained that tester does not have to note whole RIMGEA process, it only needs to produce final report. Other parts could be written in testers mind. Especially when tester masters the RIMGEA process. But RIMGEA notes could be very helpful learning tool for junior testers and that time could be counted as part of mentoring process.

Now is time to practice and use RIMGEA in your daily work. Please provide your progress as comments to this post.

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Externalize add iPhone number feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Taken from http://www.quickmeme.com/Hungry-Yoda

In previous post I described generalization of add iPhone number feature. Now is time to bring this issue in front of people that matter, stakeholders.

AST Bug advocacy teaches us that we need to externalize issue. That means:

  • What are the consequences of this failure?
  • Is comparative data available (product history and competitors issues)?
  • Have people written about problems like this?
  • What benefits does this failure interfere with?

Lets answer those question in context of add iPhone number feature.
What are the consequences of this failure?
User adds new contact which is mobile number. But default contact category is home. If user does not change default category to mobile or iPhone, send message icon will not be present next to the new number. User will not be able to send message from contact list (or call list) in quickest way.
Is comparative data available?
Yes. Using iOS simulator for iOS 7.0.3, that failure is not reproducible.
Have people written about problems like this?
Yes, but not a lot. Using Google or Yahoo, I only found one complain. I tried to search apple bug database, but this is not possible (say what!?). Before judge, read more about this here.
What benefits does this failure interfere with?
HICCUPS oracle analysis is helpful to determine that.
History – in iOS 7.0.3 SIMULATOR, quick message icon was present, regardless of category.
Comparable product – Using SauceLabs service, I created Android 4.4 virtual machine and confirmed that adding contact with home category (default category number is mobile) it is possible to send message to that number using send message quick icon.
User expectation. By searching the internet, I have not found a lot of complains. So, user expectation is broken, but not in such extent that could threaten Apple public image.
Read more about HICCUPS in provided link. 
Who would care about this failure and why?
Product owner because of history inconsistency and sales department because comparable (and competitors) product inconsistency.
We have two strong facts that could help us to sell this bug (make it fix by developers).
In next post, I will write how to compile all gathered information so far in credible and meaningful bug report.
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