BBST Instructor: week 1

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In this post I will provide guidelines how to cope with information overload as BBST Instructor in first week of a course.

First you should create label in your email client which helps you to easy find emails of other instructors and link to Google spreadsheet of course tasks list.

Go through the task list and get to know with tasks that you picked. Fieldstone link and Instructor’s manual are your tools. Be sure to do them before the deadline that is stated in the spreadsheet.

Then, subscribe in moodle to all forums in the form of daily digest mail. Otherwise, you will look like a truck in the picture. Schedule a time when you will go through that email every day.

Week 1 tasks that are common through all BBST courses are:

  • philosophy of quizzes
  • preview lesson 2
Preview lesson 2 is a great task because you need to read through instructor’s manual and you recap what are learning goals for that lesson!
You should also get opportunity to provide feedback in forum discussion, especially ones related to lesson task and when you detect that group or student having issues with grasping lesson learning objectives.
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BBST Instructor: week 0

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Being BBST Instructor is a challenging task. In this and following blog posts I will try to provide missing link for BBST Instructors, guidelines based on my experience that could help you to be effective BBST Instructor.

It is important to state the context, I am talking about BBST Instructor for courses created by Association for software testing organization. But you will say: AST is context driven! They do not believe in guidelines and best practices. Lets think on this guidelines as BBST Instructor framework, version 0.1. You can always fork those guidelines and tailor them. You can do pull request of your version and AST members will evaluate it and probably accept your pull request.

Preconditions for becoming BBST Instructor:

  • BBST Instructor’s manual (provided at Instructor course)
  • AST Fieldstone projects (provided when you apply as instructor)
  • Instructors task list
Week 0
Yes, your work starts one week before course start. You need to help lead instructor to check the course materials in moodle. As process of setting up new course is based on existing template, all link would probably work. You should set your focus on dates present in materials. Pick one lesson, announce your work in mail list to other instructors, and do your work.

Also, keep in mind that you are tester, and as in any other test project, you will not have enough time. So it is not possible to provide feedback to every student discussion. It is not even possible to read all student posts!

So what can you do? In order to make a tradeoff regarding providing feedback, learn in instructor’s manual what is the learning goal of every lesson. Provide your feedback to some students that have trouble reaching that goal.

Commit your work in instructor’s task list. Be proactive! Lead instructor does not have time to assign you a task. Pick a task, put x in task list, read in fieldstone project where feedback is already provided and tailor your feedback if needed. Fieldstone project is set of materials that was created by previous instructors and that material will help you to make your  tasks.

Guess what? In that way I learned a lot about course material. Do you really want to miss that opportunity?

I have heard a lot that software testing craft is not properly acknowledged in software development community. By becoming BBST Instructor and teaching one of the AST BBST Instructor class, you will take software testers destiny in your hand. Food for thought. What would make bigger impact on software development community: a group of 50 BBST Instructors or group of 1000 BBST Instructors?

And there are companies that make a business from BBST courses. What do you think, where they would start looking for new BBST Instructors? 

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Testing environment for mobile application is important

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Testing mobile applications has its own set of challenges. Mobile application is mobile, and in order to cover all possible features, you need to test mobility of the application. Which means you need to test out mobile application in different environments. In this post I will talk about how I accidently tested mobile application in different environments.

I was preparing Appium automation demo of client application. Application was installed on our IPad Air test device. In order to run automation scenario successfully, wi-fi network access was needed. Scenario was prepared and tested in my office. We were ready to do the demo in client’s office.

I came one hour earlier to test the scenario run. And guess what, all scenarios failed. One of the most important application feature is to connect by default with other devices that could be contacted via network. In their office, client had a wide range of devices with installed application. Application on IPad discovered those devices and tried to connect with application installed on them. And for the coded automated scenario, that was not expected, and scenario failed.

What I learned? Without knowing the application that you are testing and without proper testing strategy, you can not properly test your application. Using only automation test framework is not enough. Take your device and mobile application outside. Because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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Busy week, report on WebCampZG 2015 and Zagreb STC #22

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WebcampZG 2015 sponsors and organizers


This week it was time to give something back to the community from which I have learned a lot. I volunteered for the role of room keeper at WebCampZG 2015 conference. Zeljko Filipin and I organized Zagreb Software Testing Club meetup #22!

WebCamp is community oriented conference. And Zagreb STC community joined this effort. And that was official, at the bottom of this picture there is logo. They even made stickers! Role of room keeper is to announce the speaker, run around the hole with microphone during the QA session, and the most important, to keep track of session time. I had printed sheets with numbers 10, 5 and 1 which I had to put in the air to notify the speaker how much time is left for his session.

Regarding the content, every session was filmed and I will post the update with the link. I was not present because of my room keeping obligations, but community decided that best talk was by Damir Svrtan: Stop wasting time NOT writing tests. Tests are automated tests in the context of writing code. I like that community scratched the surface of the problem that there is lack of professional software testing in software development.

Room keeper notebook.

On the left is my notebook with my notes about each session that I was keeping.

At Zagreb STC#22 held at Mama we had 13 attendants! Almost a record. I think that involving in Webcam ZG organization helped us to spread the word about our meetup.

The theme of this meetup was the tester role in software development process. Martina Bettini presented her’s experience as a tester in various software development projects. Challenges how to transition to Agile from traditional waterfall process. We talked about 40 agile methods, poker voting and multifunctionality.

During the break and afterwards over a beer in Koldig, I also noted following discussions:
performance testing of Rails application, unit testing of Ruby code, Docker, application from health domain, game application testing. In Mama bookshelf I noticed interesting book: The Tao of network security monitoring, beyond intrusion detection. And what testers do in pub over beer? They create real mindmaps!

Introduction and what I tested last week.

Iva is always ready to create some mind maps on real paper sheet!

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g+ share ui lockdown

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In this post I will present g+ share issue that I experience when I tried to share one of my blog post from the blogger tool. This post is inspired by genuine Ben Simo blog Is there a problem here?

Video speaks for itself.

What is important here is to note that this video is not enough for issue report. Why? Because developer can only see the issue manifestation. This video could only entertain the audience. But it does not contain information to replicate the issue.

BBST RIMGEA gives what are the ingredients of excellent bug report.

For example, R stand for replicate. I have not replicated the issue from the video. I did not do any analysis during the issue (for example using Chrome development tools). And using that video, developer can not replicate the issue.

Dear tester, if you only submit manifestation of the issue in your bug report, you are not good tester.

What can you do? Take the Bug Advocacy course:

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